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Cinco Rios Lodge, located on the banks of the Rio Simpson, offers some of the finest trout fishing in South America. This region of Chile is characterized by a magnificent mountain range that has a series of large lakes connected by a network of crystal clear rivers and streams. This stunning setting provides each angler with a variety of water to fish.

The Fishing
cinco_lodge1.jpg The trout average 16-22 inches in most of the rivers, but much larger fish are regularly caught. The fish that are found in the stillwater areas, however, are usually measured in pounds, rather than inches. The streams offer diverse fishing - incredible dry fly action and challenging sight fishing in pristine, gin-clear water. Streams and fishing in this area are within 45 minutes from Cinco Rios Chile. Many of the streams have seldom, if ever, been fished; some have been discovered only recently. Many of the trout have never seen a dry fly due to the difficult and limited access of the Cinco Rios region.

Cinco Rios' guides are both native Chilean and Americans and are top-notch. Guides Jason Newmack, Brent Taylor, Pat Kane, Beau Stratham and Nicholas Rojas each have more than 4+ years of experience in Chile and many more years in overall total guiding expertise.

Equipment includes new jet powered boats, drift boats, rubber rafts with high back seats, Zodiacs with jet engines and good vehicles with trailers to reach all the waters you will fish.

On your way to the nearby rivers and lakes, you may encounter local huasos driving their cattle or sheep along the road or into the hills. You might think you are lost in the wild west of days gone by until you realize a huaso may shuttle your boat with his oxen.

A typical fishing itinerary would be as follows:cinco_lodge2.jpg
  • 2 to 3 days on the Paloma river and its tributaries: the Rio Azul, Rio Megote, and the Elizalde Outlet.
  • 2 days on the upper and lower Rio Simpson. The upper Simpson is a walk-in trip and the lower Simpson a float trip.
Other options include fishing small lakes such as Lago Pollux and Lago Frio for large rainbows up to 30 + inches. You will be able to fish some new small spring creeks the guides discovered last year. You will also be able to fish the Rio Blanco, Rio Deseque, Rio Pica Flora, Rio Nireguao and Rio Manihuales. All the fishing is within an hour from our location with most trips being shorter. A good portion of the fishing will be with dry flies such as big beetles and grasshoppers.

The Lodge
Cinco Rios is a full service lodge that can house up to twelve guests. Each cabin has two bedrooms with private baths and a comfortable living room for relaxing.

cinco_lodge3.jpg A main Quincho or Great Room invites guests to relax, swap fish stories, and make plans for the next day's angling. Also located in the main building is the main dinning room where both breakfast and dinner are served. Guests prepare their individual stream side lunches and meet for social hour after fishing. The after angling cocktail reception always includes Pisco Sour, the Chilean version of a Margarita.

A diverse ecosystem that has everything from glaciers to temperate rain forests, the Rio Simpson area is also a bird watcher's paradise. Some of the many species you can expect to see there are: Andean condors, Chilean kingfishers, eagles, ibis, torrent ducks and parakeets. Indigenous wild plants abound as well: bamboo, fuchsia, lilies, honeysuckle, nasturtium, lupine and mammoth rhubarb only begin the list.

2004/2005 Season Rates:
$2,975.00 USD per person double occupancy.
$3,975.00 USD per person single occupancy.

The stay is from Saturday to Saturday with six days guided fishing and seven nights lodging. Package price is all-inclusive except for travel expenses, airfare, incidentals, and gratuities.

How to get there: From the United States you will fly into Santiago. An impressive, scenic flight on a 737 jet from Santiago, with a stop in Puerto Montt, travels along the incredible Chilean Andes and brings you to Balmecada.

Upon arrival in Balmaceda, you will be met by your Cinco Rios Chile representative and transferred by vehicle to Cinco Rios. This trip takes approximately 45-55 minutes.


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